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Based on empirical research and present theoretical work, the international conference “Media Events, Globalization and Cultural Change” aims to develop media events theory further in order to understand the role of media events in an increasingly globalised but nevertheless fragmented world marked by conflict.

Topics of the conference are:

  •  Defining and theorising media events
  •  Gendering Media Events
  •  Political Communication as Media Event
  •  Sport Games as Media Events
  •  Nationalising Media Events
  •  Histories of Media Events
  •  Narrating Media Rituals, Media Incidents and Media Events
  •  Globalising Political Media Events
  •  Digital Media Events
  •  9/11 as a Media Event
  •  Articulating Media Events in Popular Culture
  •  Marketing Media Events
  •  Song Contest as a Media Event
  •  War, Terror and Conflict as Media Event
  •  Audiences of Media Events
  •  Religious Media Events
  •  Localising Media Events
  •  Media Events and Future Research

The keynotes of the conference are given by:

In all, speakers from 29 different counties present at the international conference “Media Events, Globalization and Cultural Change“.

For downloading the poster of the conference, please use the following link:

The conference is organised by the Media Sociology Group of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) and the Psychology and Public Opinion Section (PPO) of the IAMCR in cooperation with the University of Bremen (IMKI), Goldsmiths College University of London (Department of Media and Communications) and University of Erfurt (Communications).